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Swift Weekly - Issue #83

Hi folks, this week Google converted an Objective-C app to Swift, Jaz Garewal explores what's possibl
July 3 · Issue #83 · View online
Swift Weekly
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How to Convert a full ObjectiveC app to Swift – Google Developers – Medium
Can Core ML in iOS Really Do Hot Dog Detection Without Server-side Processing? - Savvy Apps
Catching Leaky View Controllers Without Instruments
About Objects | Blog Encoding and Decoding in Swift 4 — Media
Serverless Swift With OpenWhisk – OpenWhisk – Medium
YOLO: Core ML versus MPSNNGraph
ARKit Tutorial with SceneKit | iOS Swift Tutorials by Jameson Quave
Chris Lattner on the Realm WWDC 2017 Swift panel – Ole Begemann
JSON with Encoder and Encodable - Swift Unboxed
Libraries & Code
GitHub - nvzqz/Threadly
GitHub - nvzqz/Unreachable
GitHub - yapstudios/YapAnimator
GitHub - hyperoslo/Cheers
GitHub - laanlabs/ARBrush
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