Swift Weekly - Issue #65

Hello and welcome to another issue of Swift Weekly,this week was all about the Swift 4 release proces
February 27 - Issue #65
Swift Weekly
Hello and welcome to another issue of Swift Weekly,
this week was all about the Swift 4 release process and the very unfortunate news that ABI stability will be deferred for a while. Apart from that Firefox for iOS was migrated to Swift 3.0 and an official document for a Swift Ownership model was published on GitHub.
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Libraries & Code
GitHub - NextLevel/NextLevel
GitHub - jerkoch/SwipeCellKit
GitHub - louisdh/panelkit
GitHub - KelvinJin/AnimatedCollectionViewLayout
swift/OwnershipManifesto.md at master · apple/swift · GitHub
Swift.org - Swift 4 Release Process
[swift-evolution] Swift 4, stage 2 starts now

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