Swift Weekly - Issue #49

August 22 · Issue #49 · View online
Swift Weekly
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Photo Editor SDK | THE Photo Editor SDK for HTML5, iOS and Android by
GitHub - moshbit/Kotlift: Kotlift is the first source-to-source language transpiler from Kotlin to Swift
[swift-evolution] Swift Package Manager 3.0 Project Status
What I would like to know before I code my first iOS application in Swift
Swift API Design Guidelines: Highlights - cleanswifter.com
Using Swift’s Enums for Quick Actions – The Traveled iOS Developer’s Guide – Medium
Safe collection subscripting in Swift – Jérôme Alves – Medium
NSFetchedResultsController Woes – BPXL Craft – Medium
#22 Swift 3 Access Control (Xcode 8 Beta 6) – swifting.io
Server Side Swift vs. The Other Guys — 2: Speed – Qutheory – Medium
RxSwift on iOS - Where to start the adventure
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