Swift Weekly - Issue #39

May 23 - Issue #39
Swift Weekly
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Photo Editor SDK | THE Photo Editor SDK for HTML5, iOS and Android by
GitHub - paulofaria/swiftpm-packages-statistics: Statistics about SwiftPM packages on GitHub
Libraries & Code
GitHub - 3lvis/Networking: Easy HTTP Networking in Swift a NSURLSession wrapper with image caching support
GitHub - mzaks/FlatBuffersSwift: This project brings FlatBuffers (an efficient cross platform serialization library) to Swift.
GitHub - KrakenDev/PrediKit: An NSPredicate DSL for iOS, OSX, tvOS, & watchOS. Inspired by SnapKit and lovingly written in Swift.
Protocol-Oriented Views in Swift
Command Line Programs on macOS Tutorial
Michael Tsai - Blog - Dynamic Swift
What's new in Swift 3.0: learn what's changed and why.
Swift: Things I really wanted that won’t make it — Erica Sadun
More about the Swift ABI postponement; The laws of ABI changes — Erica Sadun
Swift Functional Programming: Basic Concepts – Swift Programming – Medium

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