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Swift Weekly - Issue #25

January 4 · Issue #25 · View online
Swift Weekly
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Photo Editor SDK | THE Photo Editor SDK for HTML5, iOS and Android by
GitHub - kylef/swiftenv: Swift Version Manager
GitHub - terhechte/SourceKittenDaemon: Swift Auto Completions for any Text Editor
GitHub - pepibumur/Chocolat: Generate podspecs from Swift packages.
GitHub - hsavit1/Awesome-Swift-Education: All of the resources for Learning About Swift
Functional Reactive Programming with RxSwift
Functional Swift Conference
Libraries & Code
GitHub - ReduxKit/ReduxKit: Redux for Swift - a predictable state container for Swift apps
GitHub - ReSwift/ReSwift: Unidirectional Data Flow in Swift - Inspired by Redux
GitHub - postmates/PMKVObserver: Modern thread-safe and type-safe key-value observing for Swift and Objective-C
GitHub - oisdk/SwiftSequence: A μframework of extensions for SequenceType in Swift 2.0, inspired by Python's itertools, Haskell's standard library, and other things.
Khanlou | A Structy Model Layer
Migrating `if`s to `guard`s in Swift — Erica Sadun Friday Q&A 2015-12-25: Swifty Target/Action
Collection Indices, Slices, and Generics | Airspeed Velocity
We are Devo: Swift Evolution continues — Erica Sadun Friday Q&A 2015-12-11: Swift Weak References
Lazy Properties in Structs – Ole Begemann
Why Swift guard Should Be Avoided – Swift Programming – Medium
Running Swift within Docker - Swift@IBM
Ship C code with swift packages using swift package manager –
Designing Chat Applications for iOS Using Swift – Twilio Cloud Communications Blog
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