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Swift Weekly - Issue #21

October 18 · Issue #21 · View online
Swift Weekly
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Photo Editor SDK | THE Photo Editor SDK for HTML5, iOS and Android by
"Feet in Both Worlds: From Objective-C to Swift" by Andy Matuschak - YouTube
Cast-Free Arithmetic in Swift
Libraries & Code
GitHub - joshaber/Few.swift: Views as functions of their state.
GitHub - daisuke0131/ViewMonitor: ViewMonitor can measure view positions with accuracy.
GitHub - duemunk/Async: Syntactic sugar in Swift for asynchronous dispatches in Grand Central Dispatch
When to use map, flatMap, or for loops in Swift
Hidden Gems in Swift You Didn't Know About
Exploring Apple’s 3D Touch – r. kevin nelson – Medium
Wrapping a C Library
Swift - Subjective-C
guard & defer - NSHipster
Khanlou | What The Heck Is A Monad
Swift 2: Control Flow Pattern Matching Examples
iOS 9 Tutorial Series: Protocol-Oriented Programming with UIKit
Brent’s Week 3 Bike Sheed –
More Pattern Matching Examples – Ole Begemann
Mocks in Swift via Protocols
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