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February 24 · Issue #181 · View online
Swift Weekly
In this week’s issue we have articles about the standard library preview package, dynamic callable types and Swifty code.
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Swift.org - Standard Library Preview Package
Static and Dynamic Callable Types in Swift - NSHipster
What makes code “Swifty”? | Swift by Sundell
XCTest Error Handling Improvements
Testing push notifications on the iOS simulator - SwiftLee
Building a state-driven app in SwiftUI using state machines
Maintaining a Homebrew Tap for Swift Projects - Max Howell - Medium
Watch videos from our conferences
SwiftConf '19 - YouTube
Libraries & Code
GitHub - twostraws/ControlRoom
GitHub - SvenTiigi/SwiftPlaygroundsCLI
ReCombine: Simple. Performant. Native.
GitHub - Alamofire/Alamofire
GitHub - gonzalezreal/DefaultCodable
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