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Swift Weekly - Issue #179

February 3 · Issue #179 · View online
Swift Weekly
In this week’s issue we have articles about RawRepresentable, SwiftUI for Mac and enumerating elements.
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RawRepresentable - NSHipster
SwiftUI for Mac Extras :: TrozWare —
Enumerating elements in ForEach – Ole Begemann
Slicing Swift collections | Swift by Sundell
Localization with SwiftUI, how to preview your localized content
Using Swift’s CombineLatest Effectively –
Using CoreData with SwiftUI – Augmented Code
Intrinsic content size in SwiftUI | Sarun
Replicating the iOS Reminders App using SwiftUI, Combine, and Firebase, Part 1 | Peter Friese
SwiftUI basic Shape operations | Sarun
Playlist: iOS Conference SG 2020 - Engineers.SG
DeLong ◇ SwiftUI ◇ presentation 1
Libraries & Code
GitHub - SwiftDocOrg/swift-doc
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