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Swift Weekly - Issue #102

This issue features an article about Swift's new conditional conformance in the standard library, cod
January 15 · Issue #102 · View online
Swift Weekly
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Articles - Conditional Conformance in the Standard Library
Swift Non-Nil Values In An Array Of Optionals
Harnessing Code Generation to Increase Reliability & Productivity on iOS at Uber
First class functions in Swift — Swift by Sundell
A Functional Interface for Imperative Code ·
The New Swipe Right with Swift
Best iOS hacks from Twitter: December Edition – Flawless App Stories – Medium
Do you have to manually unregister block-based NotificationCenter observers? – Ole Begemann
Painless NSLayoutAnchors | Netguru Blog on iOS
An MVC Approach to Loading, Error and Empty View Controllers
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Seamless CI/CD for mobile app development teams by NEVERCODE
Swift Playground
Stocard - The Mobile Wallet App
Libraries & Code
GitHub - matiasvillaverde/emojimap
GitHub - Jintin/Swimat
GitHub - yacir/CollectionViewSlantedLayout
GitHub - yonaskolb/Mint
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